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Average Rating - 7,5 / 10 Stars

Nicole Kidman

country - USA

Directors - Jay Roach

resume - Bombshell is a movie starring Charlize Theron, Nicole Kidman, and Margot Robbie. A group of women take on Fox News head Roger Ailes and the toxic atmosphere he presided over at the network

Genre - Biography

So black widow went from fighting thanos to hanging out with Kylo Ren. Megan its time for your comeback. Playing the Devil's Advocate is a wonderful way to point out a conversation that needs to happen and assumptions that need to be addressed. Santa is white, so is Jesus. Obviously not, but why.


Honestly FOX is run like a strip club, and anyone with common sense could see it. Damn shame women watch and support that company. GO WATCH BOMBSHELL. PERIODT. Charlize seemed pretty unsure about this whole thing.

This is already an Oscar contender- if not winner- for hair & make-up

Who else cant stop watching this in 2020. I have seen it 5 times and loved it and will see it again... She's perfect ❤️. So in other words every woman who accuses is telling the truth and every man in the workplace is a harasser. I know women who have lied about the subject and I know men who have lied about the subject. if you're not happy with your job go look for another job, you know if there's problems right away, 10 years your on-the-job and one day it starts happening over and over with the same male co-workers, no it doesn't work that way. From my own experience sexual harassment on the job is not the same as sexual assault on the job. and from what I'm listening to and hearing you women are acting like you were sexually assaulted, so I can only imagine this is all about money.

Transmission bombshells. Oh the epic sound track! Love it. Everyone who follows news and headlines and political stories knows about the tales and supposed happenings at the "FOX News Channel. No matter your political stance or leanings if you've ever watched the channel over the years you've clearly seen that most all of the female news anchors and reporters were hot and very sexy really some eye candy for any viewer. This picture from director Jay Roach in which I describe somewhat drama, dark comedy, bio type is one revealing brash sexy look at an atmosphere and culture of a good old boys club and how their leader the powerful Roger Ailes(John Lithgow) conducted dirty laundry type business with his female employees behind closed doors.
The focus and wild card players here are top news anchors and reporters Megyn Kelly(in a fine and near real look alike performance from Charlize Theron) and Gretchen Carlson(Nicole Kidman) who after years of apparent sexual harassment blow the lead off of his powerful company. As it was exposed the network was a toxic culture for most all of it's female employees. Most catching is seeing Kayla(the sexy Margot Robbie I love her in that sexy black strapless bra scene) a fictional composite character which was inspired by many of Roger's supposed accusers, as Kayla is the poster girl and foot solider employee one who marches along with the network's message of values, faith, morals, and right wing politics only she's soon exposed to the backroom advances of sexual misconduct.
Thru the film it's filled with much drama and fun black heart like humor like scenes of "FOX" News employees in meetings and spotlighted is Kelly's war of words with Trump during his 2016 presidential run. And the scenes of Roger in his office with females is certainly interesting and really a spin for four play and get under the sheets advances. The film is also revealing especially when you see the scene when it swoops in on the chatter and showcased chaos of the ladies' wardrobe room at "Fox News" it's clear that all are news Barbies and sexy colored bra wearing ladies. This was the way that big Rog wanted it as good looks shined and made his network a media ratings darling, as all viewers saw the eye candy of lady anchors and reporters in short skirts.
Aside from that this movie is a wake up call for women as each lead character finally has the courage and voice to speak and fight power and get moral justice as this was just another step that would help power the "Me Too Movement. As it's footage and real news reports takes you the viewer back to these tense and groundbreaking times of scandal and downfall. The chemistry and performances from the cast is all pro and in top notch form from Lithgow, Kidman, Robbie, and Theron as they each feed off each one's emotions and story. The style of the film is sexy, tabloid like he said she said still the big weapon is that all of the ladies use their world of mouth and collected stories from past supposed victims of Roger's to speak and bring truth to power as each had a right to do so as exposure and feeling compensated belonged to each of them.

2022 Harvey Weinstein movie only all the actress in this movie play themselves. 😃. 2 Australians and a South African. Southern Hemisphere for the win. Ah yes again. The YouTube algorithm has brought is together. My head says Charlize Theron, but my eyes say Elizabeth Banks. I'm guessing that last christmas, the one who donated something (depends on her illness) that saved her life is that man and is now an angel. Good for her. Transmission bombshell. Getting the mummy vibes👍. Great movie trailer <3.

BLONDES EVERYWHERE! 🤮. Reviving Erin Brochovich ? “. Charlize sure nailed the look of Megyn Kelly. Uncanny. We have a president who wants to be king. OMG I can't wait to see this. I have never seen a trailer descriptions with so many award trademarks attached to a person. Jesus.




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