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Xiaogang Feng Actors Caiyu Yang year 2019 Summary The film revolves around a Chinese man who returns to New Zealand following the death of his wife and begins to discover that she harbored a number of secrets Scores 89 Votes runtime 2Hours, 12 Minute. Copper Coins Novel Chapter 4 Hello everyone. D We have Chapter 4 of Copper Coins (or TQKS or Tong Qian Kan Shi) novel  for you all~ In case you want to refresh your mind about what this story is about, please read. this post. Credits: Translation: nucleatedrbc, Lunaa Checking: ascii Download Link: Please join our. discord server. to access our files. Chapters of this novel are also available on Novelupdates website and the chapters are uploaded on google doc files. Please see this. page. on the website to access the google doc links. Also, please scroll down for new chapters and always note the title for the google doc to know how many chapters are present in the doc file. Notes: Reminder - DO NOT UPLOAD our files on YouTube, Facebook or any other file streaming website. 1)  A quick introduction to our discord server, including how to access it and navigate around, can be found. HERE. 2) Once you join our server, please read the “welcome” and “rules” channels to get an idea of how to navigate through our discord and how to access our files. 3) We have tried to answer some commonly asked questions in our Troubleshooting Guide. HERE (text only Q & A. OR. HERE (Guide with pictures. Please do go through them if you get any problems in either downloading the files or playing them on your device or if MEGA itself is blocked for you. Also, please also do a google search when you face any problems. You can get many solutions to your problems from a simple search too! Enjoy. — asckj1 (ascii) January Donations Post! Hey all! kittykat2010 here with your January (and last) donations update! Last month, we sent 10900 diamonds to equal 197 USD to the official MDZS audio drama team!   As you know, this is our LAST donation to the official MDZS audio drama team. Thank you all for support this awesome team and their efforts to bring us the MDZS audio drama!  Want to know how much we donated in total over the past 7 months? … Over 1, 227. Wow guys! This is awesome how much we can support them! Thanks again for sending in your donations. We are now closing donations but will continue to provide English subs! The Untamed Ep 10 English Subbed Hello everyone! We have one more release for today! Heres Episode 10 of The Untamed (CQL) live-action drama! Subtitle Credits: Translation: Zhiyen ED Song Translation: iarrod ED Song TL check: gravitydefyingtears Timing, Typesetting: Kitolina Chan, whateveRita Quality Check: ascii Download Link: Please join our. discord server. to access our files. Notes: Reminder - DO NOT UPLOAD our files on YouTube, Facebook or any other file streaming website. Please do go through them if you get any problems in either downloading the files or playing them on your device or if MEGA or torrent downloading itself is blocked for you. You can get many solutions to your problems from a simple search too! Enjoy! v^ Han Shan Episode 1 in English! Hello everyone~ We have Jian Chu Han Shan Episode 1  for you all! Subtitle Credits: Translation: Yen Timing, Typesetting: Yen Re-encoding: kittykat2010 Download Link: Please join our. discord server. to access our files. You can get many solutions to your problems from a simple search too! Enjoy. — kittykat2010 MDZS Audio Drama Donations Last Call! Hey all, kittykat2010 here! Earlier this month, I announced that we were stopping donations to the MDZS audio drama. This is your official LAST CALL! If you want to donate now, please do so within this week! After February 1st, we will remove the donation links. You will no longer be able to donate to the MDZS audio drama team. THIS DOESNT MEAN WE ARE DROPPING THE AUDIO DRAMA! WE WILL CONTINUE TO SUB THE AUDIO DRAMA EXTRAS! Why are we stopping donations? As you all know, the main episodes of the audio drama have been over for some time. Suibian Subs are also moving on to other projects, and quite frankly, it gets difficult to make sure donations are sent in a timely manner. Also, missevan is trying to implement Paypal payments. This means, eventually, purchasing audio dramas should be easier for international fans.  So donate now if you want to donate before February 1st! Copper Coins Novel Chapter 3 Hello everyone. v^ Another chapter of Copper Coins (or TQKS or Tong Qian Kan Shi) novel is here! In case you want to refresh your mind about what this story is about, please read. this post. We will try to release one chapter per week of this very interesting and sweet novel for all readers. So please look forward to the story; Credits: Translation: nucleatedrbc, Lunaa Checking: ascii Download Link: Please join our. discord server. to access our files. You can get many solutions to your problems from a simple search too! Enjoy. v^ — asckj1 (ascii) Our discord server link Hello everyone,  Please note our new discord server link I havent been able to revise our many previous posts where the old link to our discord server was given due to a very busy schedule. But will do so slowly. My apologies for the inconvenience.  — asckj1 (ascii) The Husky and His White Cat Shizun Audio Drama Ep 03 Hello everyone~ We have Ep 03 of The Husky and His White Cat Shizun for you all! Subtitle Credits: Translation: Yen ED Song Translation: Evilkyuu and Yen Timing, Typesetting: whateveRita, ascii Re-encoding: ascii Download Link: Please join our. discord server. to access our files. You can get many solutions to your problems from a simple search too! Enjoy. — asckj1 (ascii) 1 2 3 4 5 Next.

Only Cloud Knows (2019. Stars: Xuan Huang, Caiya Yang, Lydia Peckham and Xun Fan. Writer: Ling Zhang Director: Feng Xiaogang Rating: ★ ★ ★ ½ There are two clear reasons for Only Cloud Knows to exist – to wring distraught tears from every ounce of its ill-fated romantic melodrama and to sell the spectacular New Zealand countryside as the best possible backdrop to said sadness. Veteran filmmaker Feng Xiaogang is working on a smaller, more intimate scale than some of his past populist pics (Aftershock, 2010; I Am Not Badame Bovary, 2016; Youth, 2017) but the directors feel for sellable sentiment and capital-E emoting remains as solid as ever. Based upon the true story of one of the directors friends, Only Cloud Knows follows distraught widower Sui ‘Simon Dongfeng (Xuan Huang) as he recounts a life spent loving his late wife Luo ‘Jennifer Yun (Caiya Yang) across both islands of Aoteoroa. The diaspora experience has been a central theme of many of Fengs works, dating back to his directorial debut, the TV series A Native of Beijing in New York (1993) others include the LA-set rom-com Be There or Be Square (1998) and If You Are The One (2008) featuring Japans northernmost island, Hokkaido. Working from a script penned by acclaimed author Ling Zhang, the narrative is split in three distinct acts. The first hour covers those happy days spent by the lovers in the Otago township of Clyde, making enough of a living from the small bergs only Chinese restaurant while coping with an increasing number of existential tragedies (not least of which is an extended sequence in which the pair weep tears for days as they cope with their old dogs particularly painful passing. The second hour recalls the earliest days of their romance in late 1990s Auckland, when Simon had a mullet and played the flute, Jennifer thought herself unfit for marriage only to be won over by his persistence and some spontaneous gambling sets them up for life together. The final passage relentlessly pulls at the heartstrings, with the cancer-riddled Jennifer being held in her final hours by a distraught Simon (all of which he recounts to a very patient charter boat captain, who responds appropriately by taking a big swig from his hip flask. Support players liven up the occasionally heavyhanded scenes between the lovebirds, notably the terrific Lydia Peckham as waitress-turned-bestie Melinda and renowned Chinese actress Xun Fan as landlady Ms Lin, whose own sad memories supply a rewarding subtext. Shot through the prism of grief and memory, Oscar-nominated DOP Zhao Xiaoding (House of Flying Daggers, 2004; Children of The Silk Road, 2008; The Great Wall, 2016) borrows a rich, primary-colour palette from the master of grand weepies, Douglas Sirk; plot wise, the other clear inspiration is Arthur Hillers Love Story (1970. Those not in tune with the ripe pleasures to be had from time-shifting romantic tragedies will struggle to make the final handkerchief-filling scenes; if The Notebook, The Lakehouse and/or Somewhere in Time are kept in a drawer under your television, Only Cloud Knows is for you.  Despite the cast and crews best efforts, the true on-screen stars are the green fields, rugged mountains and autumnal shades of The Land of The Long White Cloud; shepherded into life with the aid of The New Zealand Film Commission, the dreamy drama represents another international co-production triumph for the progressive local sector.

Only cloud knows amc. 每聽一次,就哭一次. Only cloud knows film trailer. 請多上許聒芸的歌,謝謝. Only cloud knows full movie. I like your eyes, you look away when you pretend not to care I like the dimples on the corners of the smile that you wear I like you more, the world may know but don't be scared Coz I'm falling deeper, baby be prepared I like your shirt, I like your fingers, love the way that you smell To be your favorite jacket, just so I could always be near I loved you for so long, sometimes it's hard to bear But after all this time, I hope you wait and see Love you every minute, every second Love you everywhere and any moment Always and forever I know I can't quit you Coz baby you're the one, I don't know how I love you til the last of snow disappears Love you til a rainy day becomes clear Never knew a love like this, now I can't let go I'm in love with you, and now you know I like the way you try so hard when you play ball with your friends I like the way you hit the notes, in every song you're shining I love the little things, like when you're unaware I catch you steal a glance and smile so perfectly Though sometimes when life brings me down You're the cure my love In a bad rainy day You take all the worries away Love you every minute, every second Love you everywhere and any moment Always and forever I know I can't quit you Coz baby you're the one, I don't know how In a world devoid of life, you bring color In your eyes I see the light, my future Always and forever I know, I can't let you go I'm in love with you, and now you know I'm in love with you, and now you know.

Only cloud knows us. Only Cloud knows best. Best drama of 2019. Only Cloud know. Now it's 3.35am, I don't want to sleep. Instead I want to keep listening this song. So enjoyed on it. I really like man's sound. So many stories hiding behind his voice. 4. 6 /5 4, 195 Reviews Theme Park Amusement Park Water Park Business Hours June 30-September 2: 8:30-22:00; night time opened at 17:00. Address Tianjin Dongli District Dongli Lake Tourist Resort Donglizhiguang Avenue Tianjin Overseas Chinese Town Industrial Co., Ltd. Happy Valley Branch About Tianjin Happy Valley Tianjin Happy Valley is a well-known large-scale amusement park in Tianjin. It is also a good destination for local family and travellers. Tianjin Happy Valley is located in Dongli Lake Holiday Village and is divided into six theme areas including the Performing Arts Center, Happy Hour, Heart of the Sea, Viking Harbour, Christmas Village, and Leaping Caribbean. There are numerous attractions; the roller coasters in particular are very exciting, with just the right combination of speed and passion. If you come in the summer, the water attractions in the park will let you beat the heat for a while. show less Attractions Nearby Tianjin Happy Valley Restaurants Nearby Tianjin Happy Valley Hotels Nearby Tianjin Happy Valley Recommended Restaurants in Tianjin Trending Travelogue in Top Cities.

Only cloud knows near me. My fav one out of the three wangxian songs! makes me cry every time aaa. YouTube. Only cloud knows review. Only cloud knows singapore. 太爱陈永馨了. 纯真, 声缐好, 技巧也高... Only Cloud know what you think. Only cloud knows. 2016 but i still love you. we love you... Only cloud knows movie. Only cloud knows 只有芸知道. Only cloud knows lyrics. Lyrics in chinese, pinyin and download Chinese songs selection, with lyrics (chinese + pinyin) and mp3 audio file to download. Chinese pop music, chinese R'n'B, chinese classical, traditional, Chinese minority music, Chinese movie theme. Last additions 《刘三姐》心想唱歌就唱歌 - Song from Guangxi Lyrics in Chinese with pinyin, english annotations and mp3 audio file to download. 稻香 (周杰伦) - Chinese song 四人游 (方大同与薛凯琪) - Chinese song More about chinese culture And for the little ones... Children's songs, nursery rhymes, communist and socialist anthems, chairman Mao songs, with some english translation. Songs in Cantonese Hong-Kong's music, bands. Chinese Ethnic music Music from Tibet, Mongolia, Xinjiang. Chinese covers of foreign songs Miscellaneous Chinese Idol 2005 theme song, Zidane's tribute... Hot Hits! Teenager songs Jay Chou, SHE, David Tao. Chinese Pop Chinese R'n‘B Chinese Rock Chinese love songs Chinese Rock Classics.

Only Cloud knows. Only cloud knows film. Only cloud knows online. Amazing, the vigour flows from teenager. What is the music used here called? title. Noble Aspirations Promotional poster Also known as The Legend of Chusen Zhu Xian: Qing Yun Zhi Traditional 青雲志 Simplified 青云志 Mandarin Qīng Yún Zhì Genre Xianxia Based on Zhu Xian by Xiao Ding Written by Shao Xiaoyi Zhang Shaowei Directed by Zhu Ruibin Liu Guohui Zhou Yuanzhou Zhang Jian Starring Li Yifeng Zhao Liying Yang Zi Cheng Yi Qin Junjie Opening theme "Floating Pearl" by Jason Zhang Ending theme "Time and Words" by Zhang Bichen Composer(s) Ikuro Fujiwara Seikou Nagaoka Country of origin China Original language(s) Mandarin No. of seasons 2 No. of episodes 55 (Season 1) 18 (Season 2) Production Executive producer(s) Gao Xinjie Zeng Minghui Producer(s) Deng Xibin Production location(s) Yunnan, Jiangxi, Guangxi, Hunan, Fujian, Zhejiang, Henan Production company(s) H&R Century Pictures Co., Ltd Release Original network Hunan Television (Season 1) Tencent Video (Season 2) First shown in China Original release 31 July (Season 1) 8 November 2016 (Season 2) – 8 November 2016 (Season 1) Chronology Related shows Jade Dynasty Noble Aspirations ( Chinese: 青云志; pinyin: Qīng Yún Zhì) also known as The Legend of Chusen, is a 2016 Chinese xianxia television series based on Xiao Ding ( 萧鼎) s best-seller novel Zhu Xian. Produced by H&R Century Pictures Co., Ltd, the series stars Li Yifeng, Zhao Liying, Yang Zi, Cheng Yi and Qin Junjie in the leading roles. The first season aired from 31 July to 8 November 2016 on Hunan TV. [1] The second season premiered on 8 December 2016 on Tencent Video. [2] Synopsis [ edit] Season One [ edit] Zhang Xiaofan ( Li Yifeng) and childhood friend Lin Jingyu ( Cheng Yi) are the sole survivors of a village massacre. The two are accepted into the Qing Yun sect, where they learn the ways of the Immortal Sword. Although he is hardworking and determined, Xiaofan struggles to catch up to his peers due to his slow wit. One day, he acquires a "dementor sword" by chance when he was training in the mountains. During the martial arts competition held within Qing Yun sect, Xiaofan enters the Top 4. Together with Lu Xueqi ( Yang Zi) Lin Jingyu and Zeng Shushu ( Qin Junjie) he heads to the Bat Cave in Mt Kongsan to investigate the trails of the demonic sect. There, Xiaofan encounters danger and pivotal circumstances make him grow and mature. Along the journey, he meets Bi Yao ( Zhao Liying) daughter of the Ghost King. Their relationship slowly grows and takes a meaningful turn through these difficult times. However, the villainous Ghost King attempts to overthrow the Qing Yun sect, and Xiaofan puts his life on the line. Bi Yao sacrifices herself to save him, falling into an endless sleep. Season Two [ edit] After Bi Yao sacrifices her life to protect Zhang Xiaofan, she falls into an endless sleep. Devastated and vengeful, Xiaofan decides to devote his life to saving her. He enters the Ghost King's faction, and becomes his right-hand man Gui Li, also known as "Lord of Blood. He embarks on a quest with former allies Lin Jingyu and Lu Xueqi, as well as former enemies such as Qin Wuyan ( Mao Zijun) to revive Bi Yao. Cast [ edit] Main [ edit] Actor Character Introduction Li Yifeng Roy Wang (young) Zhang Xiaofan ( 张小凡) Gui Li ( 鬼厉) Determined, loyal and brave, Zhang Xiaofan starts out as a man with mediocre skills despite his hard work. By chance, he is able to learn the skills of the Heavenly book, and becomes the first person to possess cultivation from Fu (Buddhist) Dao (Taoist) and Mo (Heretics. He obtains the Striking Blood Pearl (噬血珠) from Pu Zhi, one of four reverent masters of Tian Yin Pavilion, and a black stick object called Sucking Soul Club (噬魂棒) from the Da Zhu Pavilion's lake in the back mountain. Both merges with his blood to become a blood magic object. Later, his soul is trapped by the He Huan bell, causing him to transform into Gui Li, also known as Master Blood. He thereafter wanders the world in search of a way to revive his dead lover, Bi Yao. Zhao Liying Zhang Zimu (young) Bi Yao ( 碧瑶) Daughter of the Ghost King and Xiao Chi. She wields the Broken Heart Flowers (伤心花) and He Huan Bell (合欢铃. Beautiful, spunky and bright, Biyao is a noble girl who will do anything for love regardless of other people's opinions. She falls for Zhang Xiaofan after witnessing his courage and loyalty. She died for Zhang Xiaofan under the Zhu Xian Sword, causing the transformation of his lifetime. Yang Zi Lu Xueqi ( 陆雪琪) Disciple of Mt. Xiaozhu. Known for her incomparable beauty and icy cold personality, Lu Xueqi is one of the most skillful and talented disciples of the Qing Yun sect. She wields the Tianya Magical Sword (天琊剑) and specializes in the Thunder Driven Spell (神剑御雷真诀. She is an upright and law-biding person who hates associating with the evil. She falls in love with Zhang Xiaofan after undergoing life and death situations with him. Cheng Yi Wang Junkai (young) Lin Jingyu ( 林惊羽) Disciple of Mt. Longshou. He possesses extraordinary skills and potential, and becomes the first disciple of Discipline Hall under Cangsong Later, he comes under the tutelage of Wan Jianyi, and was given the and given the Slaying Dragon Sword (斩龙剑. He is childhood friends with Zhang Xiaofan, and likes Jin Ping'er. Qin Junjie Zeng Shushu ( 曾书书) Disciple of Mt. Fenghui and Zeng Shuchang's son. He wields the Xuanyuan Sword (轩辕剑) and specializes in the Qingmu Magic Incarnation (秦木法咒. He is a humorous, easygoing and quirky man who is known for coming up with many new inventions and techniques. He later inherits the position of Chief of Yu Du City from his grandfather. He is good friends with Zhang Xiaofan, and has an unrequited crush on Lu Xueqi. Supporting [ edit] Qing Yun Sect (青云门. edit] Mt. Tongtian (通天峰) He Zhonghua Reverend Daoxuan ( 道玄真人) 18th leader of Qing Yun sect, head of Mt. Tongtian. He attempts to use the Zhu Xian sword (诛仙剑) to kill Zhang Xiaofan, which was blocked by Bi Yao's infatuation curse. Liu Xueyi Xiao Yicai ( 萧逸才) Senior disciple of Mt. Tongtian; known as the number one disciple of Qing Yun sect. He wields the Seven Star Sword (七星剑. He drank the blood of the Heavenly Beast to infiltrate the Demon sect, causing him to turn into a beast every full moon. He was sent by the Ghost King to spy on the Qing Yun sect, but he actually hates the Ghost King and attempts many times to harm Bi Yao. Later, he becomes possessed due to his desire for power. Mt. Dazhu (大竹峰) Xie Ning Tian Buyi ( 田不易) Head of Mt. Dazhu. Zhang Xiaofan's teacher and Tian Ling'er's father. He wields the Hao Yan Sword (赤焰剑. He is strict but caring toward his disciples, particularly Zhang Xiaofan. Yang Mingna Su Ru ( 蘇茹) Tian Buyi's wife and Tian Ling'er's mother. She wields the Mo Xue Sword (墨雪剑. She is strong but gentle, acting as a mother figure to the disciples. Tang Yixin Xu Shuo (young) Tian Ling'er ( 田灵儿) Tian Buyi and Su Ru's daughter. She wields the Amber Silk (琥珀朱绫. She is Zhang Xiaofan's unrequited first love, and stands up for him when he is bullied. However, the one she loves is Qi Hao. Zheng Guolin Song Daren ( 宋大仁) Senior disciple of Mt. He wields the Ten Tiger Sword (十虎. An honest and loyal man. Ding Yi Wu Dayi (吴大义) Second disciple of Mt. Dazhu. Ji Xiaobing Zheng Dali (郑大礼) Third disciple of Mt. Dazhu. Jiang Zhenhao He Dazhi (何大智) Fourth disciple of Mt. He possesses the magic weapon, Jiang Shan Pen (江山笔. Dai Zixiang Lu Daxin (吕大信) Fifth disciple of Mt. Dazhu. Li Ze Du Bishu (杜必书) Sixth disciple of Mt. He possesses the magic weapon, Shenmu Dice (神木骰. A lively and chatty man who likes to gamble with others. Mt. Longshou (龙首峰) Lu Xingyu Reverend Cangsong ( 苍松道人) Head of Mt. Longshou and the Disciple Hall. A spy and assassin for Lian Xie Hall, who tries to steal the Striking Blood Pearl from Zhang Xiaofan and attempts to kill him. He held great respect for Wan Jianyi, and resents Daoxuan for expelling the latter. Later, he is killed by Zhang Xiaofan and Lin Jingyu but before he dies, he destroys the last remaining magical rock that could revive Bi Yao. Chen Zeyu Qi Hao ( 齐昊) Senior disciple of Mt. He likes Tian Ling'er. Mt. Xiaozhu (小竹峰) Jiang Hong Shui Yue ( 水月) Head of Mt. Lu Xueqi and Wen Min's teacher. She is cold and strict. Ma Chengcheng Wen Min ( 文敏) Disciple of Mt. Song Daren's fiancée (wife) and Lu Xueqi's senior sister. Mt. Fenghui (风回峰) Zong Fengyan Zeng Shuchang ( 曾书常) Head of Mt. Fenghui. Zeng Shushu's father. Li Yin Peng Chang (彭昌) Zhang Xiaofan's second competitor in the martial arts competition. Mt. Chaoyang (朝阳峰) Ge Ziming Shang Zhengliang ( 商正梁) Head of Mt. Chaoyang. He was attacked by Xiao Yicai and his cultivation sucked away by him, and became gravely injured and fell into permanent unconsciousness. Lu Yulin Chu Yuhong (楚誉宏) Zhang Xiaofan's first competitor in the martial arts competition. Wang Leifang Kun Tiandou (申天斗) Mt. Luoxia (落霞峰) Wang Bin Reverend Tianyun (天云道人) Head of Mt. Luoxia. He died during the rebellion staged by Cangsong. Grandmaster Ancestral Shrine (祖师祠堂) Huang Haibing Wan Jianyi ( 万剑一) A mysterious old man residing at the Grandmaster Ancestral Shrine, who guards the Zhu Xian sword. Ex-disciple of Mt. Hundred years ago, he was in a relationship with You Ji, but they could not be together as they were from opposing sects, and he was expelled from Qingyun sect. He later becomes Lin Jingyu's teacher. Tian Yin Pavilion (天音阁. edit] Wu Yue Pu Zhi ( 普智) One of the four reverent masters of Tian Yin Pavilion. Zhang Xiaofan's first teacher, who passed on Tian Yin sect's hidden skill to Zhang Xiaofan. Under the influence of the Striking Blood Pearl, he killed Zhang Xiaofan's entire village. Leon Lee Fa Xiang ( 法相) Senior disciple of Tian Yin Pavilion. He possesses the Reincarnation Pearl (轮回珠. Zhang Xiaofan's good friend. He likes Ding Ling, whom he was engaged to since young. Guo Kaimin Pu Hong ( 普泓) Chief of Tian Yin Pavilion. One of the four great reverends of Tian Yin Pavilion. Fa Xiang's teacher. Liu Bo Pu Kong ( 普空) One of the four great reverends of Tian Yin Pavilion. Ghost King Faction (鬼王宗. edit] Fu Chengpeng Archlord Ghost King ( 鬼王) Head of the Ghost King faction. Bi Yao's father and Xiao Chi's husband. He is unpredictable, ambitious and crafty. He aims to unite the Demon sect. Xiong Naijin You Ji ( 幽姬) One of the four messengers of the Ghost King faction: Zhu Que (朱雀”. Biological aunt of Bi Yao. She used to be in a relationship with Wan Jianyi, but the rivalry between their sects forced them to separate. Yang Xuwen Qing Long ( 青龙) Head of the four messengers of the Ghost King faction. He is highly skilled and possesses the Qian Kun Green Light Ring (乾坤清光戒. He is cruel and calculative toward his enemy, but fiercely loyal to the Ghost King. He is a long time friend of Qin Wuyan. Liu Can Mr Ghost ( 鬼先生) A ma of mysterious origins who was born in Fen Xiang Valley and later became a subordinate of the Ghost King. Also called Ghost Doctor ( 鬼医) he is knowledgeable and serves as the Ghost King's advisor. Hundred Poison sect (万毒门. edit] Mao Zijun Yan Lie ( 颜烈) Qin Wuyan ( 秦无炎) Also known as Poison Master (毒公子) third young master of the Ghost King faction. Disciple of Hundred Poison sect. He wields the Slaying Demon Flute (控妖笛. He initially disguises himself as a guard named Yan Lie to enter Yu Du City. Cold, cruel and calculative, he does not show his true emotions except when he is in front of his love, Bi Yao. He is unwilling to do the bidding of the Poison Deity, but has no choice as his body is controlled by him. Wang Weihua Poison Deity ( 毒神) Chief of Hundred Poison sect. Bai Duzi and Qin Wuyan's teacher. He wields the magical artifact Zhan Xiang Si (斩相思. Guo Xin Sucking Blood Old Demon ( 吸血老妖) One of Poison Deity's disciples. Bai Duzi ( 百毒子) He Huan Sect (合欢派. edit] Jiao Junyan Jin Ping'er ( 金瓶儿) Also known as Master Miao (妙公子) one of the three young masters of the Ghost King faction. She wields the Purple Blade Knife (紫芒刃. She is strong-willed, crafty and known for her clear distinction of kindness and grudges. She was saved by Xiao Huan when she was young, and treats her and Zhou Yixian as family. She opens a clothes workshop in Yu Du, which takes in homeless women and imparts them tailor-making skills. However, she was later framed by Qin Wuyan and left Yu Du, and came under the Ghost King. After she met Lin Jingyu, she fell in love with him, and thereafter secretly assisted him and his friends to escape from the Ghost King. Zeng Li Lady Jinling ( 金铃夫人) Founder of He Huan sect, and original owner of the He Huan Bell. She sacrifices herself to seal the Sucking Beast Demon by reciting the Heartless incarnation. She was lovers with Black Heart Old Man. Lian Xie Hall (炼血堂. edit] Chen Chuang Yegou Daoren ( 野狗道人) Disciple of Lian Xie Hall. He later becomes Gui Li's right-hand-man. He appears tough but is kind in nature. He likes Zhou Xiaohuan. Xiu Qing Black Heart Old Man ( 黑心老人) Founder of Lian Xie Hall, and original owner of the Striking Blood Pearl. He was lovers with Lady Jinling, and killed himself after her death at the Blood Drop Cave. Zhang Fan Elder Nian ( 年老大) Chief of Lian Xie Hall. He went undercover near Qing Yun sect for five years in order to steal the Striking Blood Pearl, but was later defeated by Zhang Xiaofan and his friends. Fen Xiang Valley (焚香谷. edit] Yang Zihua Yun Yilan ( 云易岚) Master of Fen Xiang Valley. Li Xun's teacher. Qin Shuo Li Xun ( 李洵) Disciple of Fen Xiang Valley. Zeng Shushu's older cousin. He wields the Jiu Yang Ruler (九阳尺. Arrogant and prideful, he often goes against Zhao Xiaofan and his friends. Liang Jingxian Yan Hong ( 燕虹) Disciple of Fen Xiang Valley. She is brash, forward and capricious. Chang Cheng Shangguan Ce ( 上官策) Elder of Fen Xiang Valley. He possesses the magical artifact, Nine Cold Ice Spike (九寒凝冰剌. Am ambitious and greedy man. He later becomes possessed and was killed by Li Xun. Yu Du City (渝都城. edit] Bai Xue Xiao Huan ( 小环) Zhou Yixian's granddaughter. She has a special gift to foresee the future called Heaven Eye (天眼) and is also able to use Yang energy to lengthen people's lives. She is good friends with Zhang Xiaofan, Lu Xueqi and Jin Ping'er; and often squabbles with Zeng Shushu. She likes Zhang Xiaofan. Zhao Lixin Zhou Yixian ( 周一仙) A mysterious wandering swordsman who is skilled in divination. He possesses the long-lost skill of Qing Yun sect by the founder Qing Yunzi; and has a vast knowledge. Xiao Huan's grandfather. He used to be friends with the Ghost King. Yang Guang Wei Qiong ( 卫琼) Zeng Shushu and Li Xun's grandfather. Chief of Yu Du City. He later sacrificed himself to ward off the Beast God, and turns into a stone. Zhang Weina Ding Ling ( 丁玲) Ah Xiang's love interest. She has a sisterly bond with Jin Ping'er, and later inherits her position as the boss of the Embroidery Shop. Zhao Chulun Chief of Guan Xing Mt ( 观星崖崖主) An immortal who saved Zhao Xiaofan when he was poisoned. Chang Sheng Hall (长生堂. edit] Qian Yongcheng Yu Yangzi ( 玉阳子) Chief of Chang Sheng Hall. A witty and cunning man. Yang Meichen Meng Ji ( 孟骥) Yu Yangzi's subordinate. Jia Zhengyu Zhou Yin ( 周隐) A member of Chang Sheng Hall, who possesses the Li Ren Pyramid. Known as the Assassin, he secretly attacks the Qing Yun sect but was chased away by Wan Jianyi's attacks. Eastern Sea's Ding Hai Mountain Villa (东海定海山庄. edit] Zhang Xin Situ Xiao ( 司徒逍) Young chief of Ding Hai Mountain Villa. He loves Yun Shu. Hua Jiao Yun Shu ( 云舒) Daughter of the Sea Tribe. She becomes a servant at Ding Hai Mountain Villa, and falls in love with Situ Xiao. Later, she sacrificed herself to save Situ Xiao. Little River Town (Heavenly Fox tribe) 小池镇天狐族) [ edit] Shu Chang Xiao Bai ( 小白) A nine-tailed heavenly fox. Liu Wei's mother and Xiao Chi's older sister. She was trapped at Fen Xiang Valley for three hundred years, but was later saved by Gui Li and helped prevent the Heavenly Beast from reviving. Wang Wanjuan Xiao Chi ( 小痴) Wife of the Ghost King, Bi Yao's mother and Xiao Bai's little sister. She died in the Grass Temple Village's cave after being pursued by Elder Nian. Ren Jialun Liu Wei ( 六尾) A six-tailed fox demon. Xiao Bai's son and Xiao Qi's big brother. He later died together with his wife in the Black Stone Hole. Tang Jingmei San Wei ( 三尾. San Niang ( 三娘) A three-tailed fox demon. Liu Wei's wife. Jackson Yee Xiao Qi ( 小七) Liu Wei's little brother. A wild fox demon saved by Zhang Xiaofan, who later lives together with the Heavenly Fox Tribe. Tong Mengshi Shi Tou ( 石头) Disciple of Jin Gang sect. A half demon and half human. Others [ edit] Liu Chang Bing Qiqi ( 冰琦琦) Xiao Qi's good friend. Former identity of Lu Xueqi, the daughter of Heaven and Earth. Wang Bowen Luo Ye ( 骆野) A sand bandit who attacked Zhang Xiaofan and friends. Wang Renjun Zhang Xiaofan's father. Siqin Gaoli Zhang Xiaofan's mother. Ren Xuehai Old Village Head Wang Gang Second Uncle Wang Production [ edit] The Golden Horse Award winner, Shirley Chan  [ zh] serves as the stylist and the Hong Kong Film Award laureate, Bill Lui  [ zh] serves as the art director. [3] 4] Fang Sizhe  [ zh] serves as the clothes designer. [5] Stunt director Chen Weitao  [ zh] helped designed the wushu stunts and fighting styles for each character. [6] The production of special effects is handled by South Korean company IOFX. Casting [ edit] On September 24, 2015, singers Roy Wang, Wang Junkai, and Jackson Yi from TFBOYS were cast in the drama. [7] On December 5, actress Yang Zi attended the commencement ceremony, and the producers announced that she was cast as Lu Xueqi, one of the two female leads. [8] On December 19, Wu Yue, Zhao Lixin and Chen Chuang joined the cast during filming. [9] On January 12, 2016, the television series's official Sina Weibo announced that Li Yifeng had been signed on to star as Zhang Xiaofan, the protagonist of Noble Aspirations. [10] On January 25, it announced that Zhao Liying landed the female lead role of Bi Yao. [11] Filming [ edit] Principal photography started on 5 December 2015 at Hengdian Studios and wrapped up on 29 April 2016. [12] 13] 14] The scenes of the drama were shot in various parts of China, such as Yunnan, Jiangxi, Guangxi, Hunan, Fujian, Zhejiang, and Henan. [12] The total investment of the television series reaches 60 million, with majority of the budget going to special effects. [12] The scenes set in Qing Yun Mountain ( 青雲山) were filmed in Laojun Mountain, in Luanchuan County, Henan province. [15] The monkey groups scenes in the Qing Yun Mountain were filmed in Huangshan, Anhui province. The scenes set in Heyang Castle ( 河陽城) were filmed in Hengdian World Studios, in Dongyang, Zhejiang province. [16] The Liuboshan scenes ( 流波山) were filmed in Erhai Lake, Yunnan. Soundtrack [ edit] The television series's soundtrack is composed by Japanese composers Ikuro Fujiwara  [ ja] and Seikou Nagaoka  [ ja] who have previously worked on the film Painted Skin (2008) and Dr. Jin respectively. [17] Track listing No. Title Lyrics Music Singers Length 1. Floating Pearl ( 浮诛. Opening theme) Liu Chang Seikou Nagaoka, Tan Xuan Jason Zhang 01:40 2. Time and Words ( 时光笔墨. Ending theme) Dai Yuedong Ikuro Fujiwara Zhang Bichen 03:10 3. Thought of Renunciation ( 离思. Interlude) Tian Chenming Huo Zun Henry Huo 04:34 4. Ballad of Green Cloth ( 青衣谣. Bi Yao's theme song) Zhou Jieying Tan Xuan Yisa Yu 04:50 5. Have You Ever Loved ( 你有没有深爱过. Lu Xueqi's theme song) Ge Dawei, Lv Zhijie Lv Zhijie Rene Liu 04:15 6. Hero's Path ( 英雄有路. Promotion song) Zhou Jieying Tan Xuan Richie Ren 04:42 7. Noble Aspirations ( 青云志. Concept song) Liu Chang Tan Xuan Wu Junyu and Eleanor Lee 03:10 8. If We Never Met ( 如果我们不曾相遇. Zhang Xiaofan's theme song) Ashin Ashin Mayday 03:21 9. A Crack in Time ( 时间裂缝. Gui Li's theme song) Li Yifeng, Liu Sichen Lu Hu Li Yifeng 04:26 10. "Just Like When We First Met ( 若只如初见. Lu Xueqi's theme song) Dai Yuedong Tan Xuan Yang Zi 04:45 11. "Zhu Xian ( 诛仙. Promotional song) Liu Chang Tan Xuan Jam Hsiao 04:30 12. "Broken Heart Flower ( 伤心花. Biyao's theme song) Hai Lei Ding Peifeng Jason Hong 03:12 Reception [ edit] Critical response [ edit] When the television series premiered on July 31, it received mainly positive reviews for its acting and production quality. [18] 19] The series was praised for its beautiful cinematography, exquisite costumes and music. [20] Commercial reception [ edit] The drama was a commercial success. It achieved a market share of 7. 075 for its first two episodes, the highest record held by a Chinese drama for the year 2016. In October 2016, it surpassed 20 billion views, becoming the third drama to do so after The Journey of Flower and The Legend of Mi Yue. In December 2016, it became one of the most viewed drama online with over 25 billion views. [21] Ratings [ edit] China Hunan TV premiere ratings (CSM52) Episodes Broadcast date Ratings. Audience share. Ref 1-2 July 31, 2016 1. 352 7. 075 3-4 August 7, 2016 1. 005 4. 931 5-6 August 14, 2016 0. 957 4. 929 7-8 August 21, 2016 0. 952 4. 839 9-10 August 28, 2016 0. 907 4. 918 11-12 September 4, 2016 0. 705 3. 855 13-14 September 11, 2016 0. 529 3. 187 15-16 September 18, 2016 0. 568 3. 363 17-18 September 19, 2016 0. 631 3. 918 19-20 September 20, 2016 0. 603 3. 66 21-22 September 25, 2016 0. 592 3. 632 23-24 September 26, 2016 0. 513 3. 277 25-26 September 27, 2016 0. 536 3. 316 27-28 October 2, 2016 0. 548 2. 98 29-30 October 3, 2016 0. 616 3. 505 31-32 October 4, 2016 0. 716 4. 003 33-34 October 9, 2016 0. 369 2. 536 35-36 October 10, 2016 0. 424 2. 733 37-38 October 11, 2016 0. 488 3. 926 39-40 October 16, 2016 0. 47 4. 175 41-42 October 23, 2016 0. 308 1. 83 43-44 October 24, 2016 0. 357 2. 217 45-46 October 25, 2016 0. 375 2. 418 47-48 October 30, 2016 0. 265 1. 629 49-50 October 31, 2016 0. 297 1. 936 51-52 November 1, 2016 0. 305 2. 136 53-54 November 6, 2016 0. 329 2. 023 55-56 November 7, 2016 0. 425 2. 79 57-58 November 8, 2016 0. 487 3. 238 Nationwide Ratings 1. 37 9. 11 1. 10 7. 12 1. 22 8. 00 7. 16 0. 49 3. 91 0. 46 3. 83 3. 85 4. 05 0. 56 4. 71 0. 42 3. 69 0. 43 3. 77 0. 5 4. 26 0. 79 5. 8 0. 26 2. 4 3. 72 5. 73 0. 3 2. 64 2. 29 0. 34 3. 13 0. 33 2. 32 2. 95 2. 68 0. 39 3. 5 3. 95 Awards and nominations [ edit] Year Award Category Nominated work Result 2016 Tencent Video Star Awards [22] VIP Drama of the year Noble Aspirations Won VIP Star of the year Li Yifeng Most Popular TV Actor Most Popular TV Actress Zhao Liying Artist with the Most Potential 2017 22nd Huading Awards [23] 24] Best Actor Best Actress (Costume drama) Nominated Best New Actor Top 10 Dramas International broadcast [ edit] Malaysia - 8TV (Malaysia) Global Broadcasting: References [ edit] External links [ edit] Noble Aspirations on Sina Weibo (in Chinese) registration required) Noble Aspirations on Facebook.


Summary Chinese Poetic Writing has been considered by many to be one of the most innovative studies of Chinese poetry. Cheng illustrates his text with an annotated anthology of 135 poems from the golden age of Tang Dynasty, featuring lively translations of the works of Tu Fu, Li Po, Wang Wei and other poets. The 1982 translation, based on the original French 1977 edition has been greatly expanded by Cheng with many new additions. 男聲好暖,超喜歡 唱出感覺來. I like this Song,Movie and More!🤧❤️💕✨. So Age of Youth got remade for China. Hopefully there WILL be a season 3 of the original.

Zhi You Yun Zhi Dao 2h 12min 2019     Romantic drama     China Original lang: Mandarin 8. 5 4 reviews After the death of his wife, a man decides to retrace their steps from the past, looking to reconnect with old friends and make right promises he made before her death. Guide for parents: violence, offensive language. G Guide for parents: violence, offensive language. PG Guide for parents: violence, offensive language. Guide for parents: violence, offensive language. PG Guide for parents: violence, offensive language. Directed by Xiaogang Feng Written by Ling Zhang Company China Lion Film Distribution China Lion Film Distribution China Lion Film Distribution China Lion Film Distribution China Lion Film Distribution China Lion Film Distribution.

Only cloud knows rotten tomatoes. 有沒有2019還在聽的xD. I love his crystal clear emotional voice. 為[美女) 癡狂. Only cloud knows new york.


0:02 his smile❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💍💍💍💍. Only cloud knows (2019. Just here for a nice cry, a few tears, some sobs lol. Only cloud knows cast. Dr.李 I miss you so much.




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