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O Meu Espião - by faisitlogal1980, March 02, 2020
8.5/ 10stars

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  • Coauthor: Leandra Mattos
  • Biography: 1999🥳 longe se vai quem acredita.🙏🏻

2020. 1hours, 42 Minutes. Score=236 Votes. synopsis=My Spy is a movie starring Dave Bautista, Kristen Schaal, and Parisa Fitz-Henley. A hardened CIA operative finds himself at the mercy of a precocious 9-year-old girl, having been sent undercover to surveil her family. directed by=Peter Segal. tomatometer=6,4 / 10 star.
Me puse en contacto con CYBERSPACEINTELLIGENCE@ a quien un amigo me recomendó y, después de unas horas de contacto, me dio acceso remoto al teléfono de mi esposa, vi todas sus actividades y pude confirmar que estaba haciendo trampa.

O agente durão e a rapariga precoce. Um operacional durão da CIA é destacado para vigiar, sob disfarce, uma família. Mas, subitamente, vê-se à mercê de uma criança de 9 anos bastante esperta…. O Meu EspiÃo g. O meu espião. YouTube. Edit Release Dates Australia 9 January 2020 Portugal Indonesia 10 January 2020 Philippines 15 January 2020 New Zealand 16 January 2020 Japan 31 January 2020 Germany 12 March 2020 Netherlands Saudi Arabia Singapore Ukraine Bulgaria 13 March 2020 UK Ireland Iceland Mexico Turkey USA Russia 19 March 2020 Also Known As (AKA) (original title) My Spy Brazil Aprendiz de Espiã Canada (English title) Der Spion von nebenan Hungary Kémecském India (English title) Italy Japan (Japanese title) Grandes espías O Meu Espião Мой шпион Spain Juego de espías Vietnam Điệp Viên Tí Hon (working title) Untitled Dave Bautista Project.

Everyone talking about trash cans and lightning but holy shit lets talk about the 80s epic trailer music. O Meu espinosa. O Meu EspiÃo.r.e. Aparece nas notificações. O Meu espionner. O meu ex é um espião. O Meu EspiÃo.k. Jj and bobbi make for a good laugh. Has its moments. Gostaria de saber se funciona no iPhone... O Meu EspiÃo.r. Mas é pra fazer essa estalacao no meu celular ou no celular dele. © Cinemundo My Spy (2020) JJ (Dave Bautista) é um experiente agente da CIA, que, depois de uma missão infiltrado, se vê despromovido e controlado por Sophie (Chloe Coleman), uma miúda de 9 anos… Sophie descobre o disfarce de JJ e consegue convencê-lo a ensiná-la a ser uma espiã, em troca de não o denunciar. Apesar da sua resistência, JJ descobre que não é um adversário à altura do encanto e da inteligência de Sophie. Ele é “O Meu Espião”. Realizador: Peter Segal Produção: Dave Bautista, Chris Bender, Jonathan Meisner, Peter Segal, Robert Simonds Argumento: Erich Hoeber, Jon Hoeber Elenco: Dave Bautista, Kristen Schaal, Ken Jeong, Greg Bryk, Nicola Correia-Damude, Parisa Fitz-Henley, Chloe Coleman, Noah Dalton Danby, Laura Cilevitz, Michelle McLeod, Keller Viaene, Sukhman Gill, Devere Rogers, Marcus Cornwall, Jade Whitney, Huy Hao Tran, Adriana Crivici, Olivia Dépatie, Karina Grzella, Darrell Hicks, Emily Anne Dupere, Rakhee Morzaria, Apolonia Velasquez, Benjamin Luborsky, Basel Daoud, Sofie Michal Maiuri Facebook:   Cinemundo Cinemundo   | 2020 | EUA | Ação, Comédia, Família | 102 min. © Cinemundo TRAILER | ELE É PRO, ELA TEM JEITO PARA COISA O Meu Espião | 19 de março de 2020 nos cinemas.

O meu namorado é um espião. This movie is exactly what u think it'll be. Corny start, middle and ending and honestly just a waste of time. There's nothing to it but if you like watching funny spy movies be my guest and go watch this horrific film. Like e bom. O meu ex e um espiao. YouTube O meu espião filme. O meu espião trailer. O Meu espionnage. Como diz aqui na minha terra:Muito esquecíveis anos 80. O Meu EspiÃo.g. O Meu espion. O meu espiao. O meu espião apaixonado. Whoever made this trailer deserves a raise.

O Meu EspiÃo.o. O Meu EspiÃo.e. O Meu espions. It's not fair my parents got this and I got Cardi b. Mais ele e pago correto. How this does not have a billion + views is beyond me when stupid ariana grande type crap does. this young generation dont appreciate anything. My Spy is a ridiculously clueless film - it essentially has no idea what it wants to be. One thing it is for sure is that it's incredibly boring, cringe and unfunny, with forced charm and emotion. The film's story completely deviates from a coming-of-age story to an action film. The dialogue and performances were god awful and nothing about the underdeveloped characters made you engaged.
Please remember this is my opinion, others may have felt different
2/10. I saw this movie with my 4 daughters and we all Loved it! We are not professional movie reviewers or anything like that but absolutely enjoyed all the different emotions in this movie, it was Charming, Comical, Witty, Action Packed, Heart Warming, Suspenseful, and more! We also loved the relationship between David Batista & Chloe Coleman. just Precious, and their performances charming! There was some violence and language but nothing bloody or disgusting.

O Meu espionne. OMG. Greta Humbug is an X -Men now? X-Men climate warrior? Too much.


After 3 minutes one of my sons whispered to me "What is this? I don't like it."
I think that about sums it up - What is this movie? What is it trying to be? And when, oh when, will it end?
It's a bit too violent and has too many pointless, non-story progressing scenes to be a kids' movie but it is definitely not for adults. All the good bits are in the 30-second advert that convinced us to go and see it.
We saw a morning session at the cinema. At 10.57am I checked my watch, at 11.01am I checked my watch and was stunned to find time had completely slowed.
Although Chloe Coleman is an excellent actress and very watchable, every other character was unbelievable, unappealing and terribly written. What a waste of clever people like Kristen Schaal (or as I call her, Mel from Flight of the Conchords.
My older son thought it was okay but when pressed, couldn't name a favourite scene. The younger one gave up and ended up playing a game on my phone about an hour in.



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